Lucy with co-pilots Jayme & Kiwi.
Fur Kidz Mobile Pet Grooming, the personal pet salon on wheels, was created in January, 2007 by a Riverside, RI woman, Lucy
Dalpe.  Lucy possesses a keen desire and a firm commitment to elevate the standards of the grooming industry.  She believes that
the grooming process should not only be safe, but it should be a peaceful and pleasurable experience for pets.

Lucy is "the Master Groomer".  Her innate ability to relate to animals and her genuine compassion combine to create a gentle and
responsive environment for pets....individualized, personal care.

During leisure hours, Lucy enjoys kayaking and bicycling with her 4-legged family.  And, she is an avid supporter of the Rhode Island
Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RISPCA).